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    Elvie Trainer Kegel Exerciser

    Elvie Trainer helps new Mum's recover and rebuild their pelvic floor post-baby. You can track your progress in real time through the Elvie App to build back up your pelvic floor strength.
    Product #: 23501001A


    • Control: Elvie Trainer helps women of all ages to gain greater bladder control and see results within 4 weeks
    • Elvie Trainer will guide you through 5 minute workouts that give your pelvic floor a full workout
    • Strengthen: Elvie Trainer strengthens your core from the inside-out which helps to enhance intimate wellbeing and core stability
    • Designed using the highest medical grade of silicoin, it is very easy to insert and comfortable
    • Smart technology: You can see your pelvic floor movements in realtime and track your progress over time via the Elvie Trainer App
    • Our technology will guide you through your workouts ensuring your technique is correct and you see results fast
    • Designed for Women, by Women: Your Elvie Trainer will come with an optional cover for custom sizing and is designed to fit all body shapes
    • Elvie Trainer is made from medical grade silicone, 100% waterproof, and rechargeable
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