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    Elitone Original Pelvic Floor Stimulator

    Elitone is the non-invasive pelvic floor exerciser that does Kegels for you, longer and stronger than you can on your own. The Elitone Original is recommended for women who experience stress induced and mixed incontinence.
    Product #: 2686535ET

    Stress Incontinence 

    • If you leak urine when you sneeze or exercise, your pelvic floor muscles are likely too weak to keep the valve closed under sudden pressure. 
    • Get Stronger! Kegels are exercises that strengthen pelvic muscles and prevent accidents. But Kegels are hard to do correctly and often enough. Elitone does Kegels for you.
    • Worry Less! You’ll worry less knowing that Elitone’s gentle contractions are toning your pelvic floor and reducing your leaks. All for less than you spend on absorbent pads each year.
    • Through targeted waveform, Elitone is expertly engineered to deliver a small electric signal to the muscles and nerves of the pelvic floor. The precise makeup of this signal is the key to effectiveness
    • Rest assured, as an FDA-cleared device, it has passed all biocompatibility tests. The gels in the GelPads are non-toxic hydrogels, which means it is mostly salt-water. The gel is slightly sticky and originates from the wound-care industry, which means that it does NOT pull hair and is very gentle

    How it works

    The activating signal in Elitone comes as two parts; 4 seconds of a medium-frequency toning signal that contracts the pelvic floor muscles, followed by 2 seconds of a low-frequency calming signal that relaxes the overactive bladder. This is followed by 6 seconds of rest. Then the cycle repeats.

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    Elitone Original Includes

    • ELITONE device + 10 GelPadsComplete 6 weeks of treatments
      • GelPads are made of non-toxic hydrogels (mostly salt-water)
    • Great option for mild to moderate leaks

    Your leaking days are over.

    • ELITONE has been tested in clinical studies reviewed by the FDA and is cleared for use without a prescription.
    • In one study 95% of women reported fewer urine leaks, with an average reduction of 71% in only 6 weeks. Pad-use decreased by 85%.
    • In one example, as shown in the graph, a woman improved from 17 accidents per week to only 2.

    What does it feel like?

    • Women report a tingling sensation where the GelPad contacts the skin. Internally, you should feel stimulation for 6 seconds then 6 seconds of “rest.” This sequence repeats 100x during the treatment.  A few minutes into the treatment, your skin may feel a little numb.  Elitone is specially developed with PMW technology to send signals safely and comfortably through the skin to reach the muscles and treat urinary incontinence [unlike low-frequency devices like TENS for pain management].
    • Some women report similarities to Kegel exercises with Elitone, but not all. A common reason for ineffective Kegels according to one study is 25% of women do not perform Kegels correctly. They either contract the wrong muscles or fail to hold the contraction long enough, often because the muscles are already so weak.

    Do Not use if you...

    • Are pregnant or attempting to become pregnant. The safety of electronic muscle stimulators during pregnancy has not been established.
    • Have an electronic implant (e.g. cardiac pacemaker, implanted defibrillator) or suffer from heart problems
    • Have cancer, epilepsy, or cognitive dysfunction
    • Had pelvic floor surgery within the last six weeks
    • Have complete denervation of the pelvic floor
    • History or symptoms of urinary retention, extra-urethral incontinence, or overflow incontinence
    • Have conductive intra-uterine devices (IUD/Coil) or metal implants in the abdominal or pelvic area, including the hip and lumbar spine. (See FAQs for which IUDs are OK)

    Consult your healthcare provider before using the device if:

    • You have any serious illness or injury not mentioned in this guide
    • You have an underlying neurological condition (e.g. Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease)
    • You tend to hemorrhage, following acute trauma or fracture
    • You take insulin for diabetes
    • You suffer from muscle or joint problems, including pelvic pain or a paravaginal defect
    • You suffer from suspected or diagnosed heart disease
    • You underwent a recent surgical procedure where muscle contraction may disrupt the healing process
    • You have any doubts about using the device

    Find more information about the Elitone product line here.

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