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    Lounge Doctor Leg Elevator

    **FSS CONTRACT 36F79723D0004** The Lounge Doctor Leg Rest is the only patented leg rest on the market designed to effectively improve your venous health by reducing swelling and improving blood flow. The Lounge Doctor's patented shape is constructed of high-resiliency open cell foam and includes a top-of-the-line innovative performance fabric cover designed to repel stains and moisture, keeping your leg rest clean and comfortable. The full zipper closure keeps the cover secure and in place while protecting the foam leg rest. With a full anti-slip grip dot bottom, this leg pillow won't shift while you relax! Primary Color will be Heathered Gray, but due to stock availability color may vary to heather Blue or Navy


    • The only patented leg rest on the market 

    • Designed by a Board-Certified Vascular surgeon 

    • Provides precise angles at which legs can rest for maximum benefit 

    • Helps reduce venous issues, leg discomfort, back pain, pregnancy discomfort and more  

    • Made of high resiliency open cell foam.  

    • Cover:  Color may vary from gray, heathered blue to navy  

    • Washable cover! Machine wash cold, tumble dry on low heat.  

    • Made of durable, innovative performance fabric 

    • Stain & moisture repellent 

    • Full zipper closure 

    • Anti-slip grip dot bottom 

    • Sizing: Available in 18” and 24” widths 

    • Small 20.75” L X 10.5” H 

    • Medium: 23” L X 10.5” H 

    • Large: 24.75” L X 12.5” H 

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