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    DALC Nebulizer Accessories ** DALC NATIONAL CONTRACT 36C79122D0006**

    ** DALC NATIONAL CONTRACT 36C79122D0006**

    Disposable Nebulizer Kit, EACHNeb-Roskt-EACH
    Disposable Nebulizer Kit, CASE OF 50Neb-Roskt (CASE OF 50)
    Non-Disposable Nebulizer Kit, EACH18254-EACH
    Non-Disposable Nebulizer Kit, CASE OF 1018254 (CASE OF 10)
    Filters for Pulmo-Aide Nebulizer Compressor 3655D3655D-601 (PACK OF 5)
    Adult Mask for Neb Kit, EACHADLT-MASK-EACH
    Adult Mask for Neb Kit, CASE OF 50ADLT-MASK (CASE OF 50)
    Trach Mask for Neb Kit, EACHTRACH-ROS-EACH
    Trach Mask for Neb Kit, CASE OF 50TRACH-ROS (CASE OF 50)


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    Pulmo-Aide Compact Compressor Nebulizer System **DALC NATIONAL CONTRACT 36C79122D0006**

    Pulmo-Aide Compact Compressor Nebulizer System **DALC NATIONAL CONTRACT 36C79122D0006** Does NOT come with a nebulizer kit, please purchase them on the DALC NEBULIZER ACCESSORIES page. FSS CONTRACT V797D-30191

    DALC Compression Stocking Closed Toe Knee High 20-30 mmHG

    To receive National Contract Bulk Pricing must order 6 pairs or more of the same style and size.

    Nebulizer 7' TUBING

    7' Air Tubing for any standard compressor style nebulizers. Replaces any traditional nebulizer tubing that has become dirty or damaged.

    AW 152 Compression Stockings Closed Toe Knee Highs - 15-20mmHg

    *FSS CONTRACT 36F79723D0004** Our 15-20 mmHg Support Hosiery is the product most commonly recommended by physicians, which is why we offer a selection of styles in it! If you're looking for variety in highly durable hosiery with the opaqueness to mask varicosity, blemishes, and scarring, we have you covered. With a reinforced toe and heel and a comfortable, non-constricting top band, you can't go wrong! Durable construction at a great value.

    Drive M3 Wheelchair Quick Release Treaded Tire and Accessories **NATIONAL CONTRACT 36C10G23D0020**

    **NATIONAL CONTRACT 36C10G23D0020**

    Built-in seat extensions, custom fitting, easily adjust seat depth from 16" to 18"

    Maintenance-free composite mag-style wheels

    Durable and reliable

    Carbon steel frame with silver vein finish

    Comfortable seat

    M3 Accessories Include: Wheel Brake Lock Extension, Elevated Leg Rest ELRs, Crutch Cane Holder, Oxygen Cylinder Tank Carrier, Brake Assembly Left, Brake Assembly Right Shipping for wheelchair is included in the price. CANNOT SHIP TO A P.O. BOX For expedited or overnight orders, please call 888-505-3627