• Medicine Positioning System

    MedCline Positioning Systems 

    MedCline Positioning Systems simple and effective, the patented design  gives you clinically proven relief

  • UpWalker

    A Solution to Old Fashioned Walkers / Rollators

    Walk Upright With Better Posture, Less Pain, and More Security!


  • iWalk-Free 2.0

    The iWALK FREE 2.0 is a crutch substitute that frees you from the limitations of conventional crutches and provides unsurpassed mobility.

    FSS Contract V797D-30216

  • Versatile Rehab tools for all levels of Patient Car

    MusicGlove Hand

    Therapy Device

    FitMi Smart Neuro

    Rehab Device

  • Gyenno Anti-Tremble Gyroscopic Self-Stabilizing Spoon with Intelligent-Control Modules

    Gyenno Anti-Tremble Gyroscopic Self-Stabilizing Spoon with Intelligent-Control Modules


New products

  • Ionto Plus Hi-Performance Iontophoresis Electrodes are single use electrodes, that are used for various treatment sites. They provide greater adhesive area to eliminate pad movement. Ionto+ feature buffering agents for additional pH stabilization and unique silver-silver chloride conductor (superior to carbon) for higher conduction (more drug delivery).

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  • Double Shoulder provides protection, heat and support for both shoulders. It is useful as an adjunct in rehabilitation after surgery or to stimulate blood flow in tendonitis cases. Designed with lycra inserts for better fit and comfort during wear. 

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  • Combines the features of a rollator and transport chair into one unit. The user can ambulate independently or be pushed safely by a caregiver

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  • Firefly attachable full power handcycle Attaches to your wheelchair in seconds Separate forward and reverse thumb throttles 350W brushless electric motor with disc and V-brake Removable lightweight lithium battery Frame comes apart without tools for transport and storage REQUEST QUOTE

  • Product SummaryOne-piece shower bench adds convenience, comfort and safety to the bathroom  It is portable for easy storage and travel  Handle provides additional safety and stability for the user  Rubber stops help protect tub from scratches  Drain holes prevent pooling

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  • Built for use with any standard-size wheelchairs, these scales offer the utmost in comfort for wheelchair-bound patients and long-lasting durability for nursing personnel. This incorporates an eye-level physician scale with a detachable ramp, allowing easy movement on and off the platform. The weigh beam is easily read from both sides.

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  • Need to add more weight to your Hyper Vest PRO? Additional 5 lbs booster boxes are available. Each box contains 36 individual zinc coated steels weights (2.25oz each) allowing you to add in small increments.

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  • This light-weight Walkabout Junior rollator is ideal for the pediatric user, has the same great features as the Walkabout Lite, weighs only 11.5 lbs, and is available in two attractive colors. It folds quickly and easily into a compact unit for storage or transport. Its features include a padded seat, a backrest for extra comfort, ergonomic hand grips,...

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  • Solaris is proud to introduce a liner specifically designed to be used under compression garments. Every Solaris Silver Liner is manufactured with unique silver, antimicrobial properties for maximum comfort and protection. 

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  • www.true42.com English/Spanish Talking Scale Equipped with 4 high precision new sensors Auto On & Off, Overload indication Low Battery indication Voice Scale with language selection

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  • Wheelchair Under Seat Mesh Cargo Net for use with Rigid and Folding WheelchairsSecurely attaches with convenient Velcro hook and loop to bottom horizontal and rear vertical frame tubing.

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  • Securely attaches with convenient Velcro hook and loop to bottom horizontal and rear vertical frame tubing.Forms a net shelf under the Wheelchair seat.A great way to utilize wasted space.Customers have said when it is loaded it helps keep tipsy chairs upright.

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